"Finding Anthea was 100% the greatest move we made when relocating to AZ from North Carolina. My wife and I were busy resident physicians and only had a limited amount of time to find a home all while being thousands of miles away! From the start, Anthea was completely available, communicative and amazingly knowledgeable about Phoenix/Scottsdale. We communicated back and forth for several weeks before flying out for a whirlwind tour of a bunch of homes. She did an incredible amount of homework on each before visiting and was able to answer all our questions. Ultimately found an awesome new build and we couldn’t be happier with what she got for us. Even during closing she kept the lender and builder completely in check - I felt I could step back and trust things would be taken care of (rare for me to step aside!). Overall, so awesome to have a genuinely good person as your agent and we’d recommend her in a heartbeat for anyone in the area!"

Sean and Rajni M.